A   Touch With Class Limousine

  We're not the best because we're the oldest,  we're the oldest because we're the best    

Note:  All prices quoted

DO NOT include tip.

The tip is customarily 20%.  We will never force a tip on our clients, but:

Our drivers are excellent, they earn their tips!!!

The Ultimate Wine Tour Price:

The price for this package starts at $480.00 for 2 people.  For each additional person, add $100.00.  Call for additional details on this package.

The Beer Bus Tour Price:

This package is a 4 hour tour.  The cost of this package is $300.00.  Call for additional details on this package.

Basic Prices

  •  6 Passenger Limousine is $80.00 per hour

  • 10 Passenger Excursion Limousine is $125.00 per hour

  • 14 Passenger Party Bus is $100.00 per hour

  • 14 Passenger Van is $90.00 per hour

  • 25 Passenger Bus is $175.00 per hour with a two hour minimum

Dinner Package Prices

The Dinner Package consists of the following:

The Limousine will pick you up at your address or other specified location, and transport you to the restaurant or other event.  (Additional stops are $35.00 each, additional rental time, NOT included in the dinner package, is charged at the per hour rental rate)

The Limousine departs after it drops you off, and will return at a predetermined time.  At that time, the driver will tour the area for 30 minutes while returning you to your final destination (or other location specified by you).

The dinner package is available only in the Grand Junction area.  The dinner package is NOT available in DECEMBER, or on PROM WEEKENDS!!

The Dinner Package Price is as follows:

6 passenger Limousine is $110.00

10 passenger Excursion Limousine is $175.00

14 passenger Party Bus is $145.00

14 passenger Van is $135.00

Airport Transfers

The price of airport transfers start at $45.00

Call us at (970)245-5466 to make your reservation